With hundreds of tricks to perform, his talents can be used in many different situations where you would like a more personal style of performance. For example Jacob can perform walk around magic during a dinner or during the drinks reception. He has successfully brought attention to stalls and attract potential clients by working at trade shows and has been used to 'break the ice' at conferences/customer meetings.

Walk around

Creates a magical atmosphere
Magic happens up-close and personal
Spectator participation quickly gets guests talking


Every table gets their own show
Perfect for entertaining your guests between courses
A unique selling-point which helps bring in clientele

Trade shows

Draws attention to your stand
A perfect icebreaker at sales & client meetings
Entertains your customers whilst they wait

Close-up show

I’m really passionate about this show, all the conditions are perfect so you can enjoy the magic.
Most of the time when I’m working I have to adapt to the environment, but here it’s the reverse so I can always guarantee a great show.
Jacob Schenström

World Class Magic!
Jacob is able to provide his own theatre on site with a stage, sound & lighting to create a professional yet magical atmosphere. The audience seating will be arranged ensuring everyone has a great view.
Jacob will perform, amongst other tricks, his act that won him the title of winner of  “The Swedish Championships of Magic and which he will be participating in “The World Championships 2022”.
Works best for 10-30 people. (If you are more than 30 people, Jacob is able to perform several Close-up Shows)

This show can be co-produced with a restaurant where Jacob takes the proceeds of the show and restaurant revenue for food & drink.

Book ticket 4-5sep


Virtually Magic- an interactive magic show at your home!

The show works fine on all platforms, if you have no preference, Zoom is used.
Before the show, you will bring some common items you can find at home, such as deck of cards, paper & pen (there is also the possibility to have things sent out).
During the show, you have video on but the microphone turned off.
Jacob's going to need help on the show, and if you hear your name, you just turn on the microphone.
The show is 35min long but can be made both longer and shorter.